A little about me: My family is my everything. My Nana is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known, she had impeccable taste, a fabulous sense of humor and a knack for finding the perfect shade of lipstick. I dream of having a dog someday (forget about the fact that no affordable uptown apartment allow for it, though!) I love labs, labradoodles, bulldogs, boxers, vizslas, and terriers. I have been a vegetarian for over five years…I just love animals too much to eat them…my boyfriend, however, is the biggest carnivore I know.  I love oxymorons 😉 I do not, however, love slow walkers…they annoy me.  Other things that annoy me: people who do not say thank you or I’m sorry, running late, laziness, and getting stains on my clothes. I am often far too stubborn for my own good, I think I’m funny (even though I know I’m not) and I believe wholeheartedly in karma. Anything else…just ask!


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  1. Found your blog through a search and thought I’d say hi! I hate slow walkers too and people always joke that I’m in a hurry but I just tend to walk fast!

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